“I've been having Kinesiology sessions with Sharon since 2005. She is very intuitive which is one of the aspects I've really benefitted from as she's always on the money.

Excellent at cutting through issues on multiple levels.

A clear channel who is forever studying & upgrading her skills. 

Best Kinesiologist I've been to. She really helped & cares”


"Kinesiology provides the awareness of subconscious blocks and produces clarity from within allowing you to begin your journey of healing"

Sharon Petterson

Sharon Petterson

Kinesiology reveals the awareness of sub-conscious blocks to health and gains clarity through a personal journey of self-healing.

I began studying Kinesiology because I wanted to share my passion to help others on their life journey to bring about clarity, life balance, better health and vibrancy on all levels of their being.

Let me assist you to find what brings light to your soul, joy to your heart and ignites your true passion, healing into your mind, body and soul. 


Dip. Kinesiology ~ Dip. Holistic Counselling ~ Reiki Practitioner

Kinesiology is a complex modality using muscle testing as the bio-feedback system to access information about the bodies imbalances in the meridian system, mind, body and spirit.  We look at understanding the bottom-line causal issues in relation to the energy imbalance and then implement kinesiology tools and techniques used to clear the imbalance.

Complementary & Holistic Health Services

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Physical Pain, Muscular Pain, Stress & Trauma, Allergies, Goal Setting, Mental Health Issues, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive Disorders and more.